Friday, August 13, 2010

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trying to Come Back!!!!!!!!

Quick Update!!! We're moving in 3-4 weeks, so I won't be able to catch up quite yet, but I might jump on and off here a little until after things are settled at the new house.

I wanted to also let you all know that I've been scrapbooking like crazy and have added over 180 scrapbook pages to my site! I'm having a huge sale with 25% off EVERYTHING! The sale doesn't start until tomorrow (Friday the 13th!) and will last one week! I will be posting the coupon code you need to get your 25% off on here tomorrow and it will be posted on the site too!

Also, I've changed my shipping info on the site, so make sure you check that out before you place an order.

Now, go scope out what you want to order! This will be my LAST sale for a long time.. I am going to be having too much going on for the rest of this year.. This was my last hoo-rah for the site for a while. I've added new premade scrapbook pages in EVERY category!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random pics from the end of February!

My sister called and asked one day if I could watch Sean while she was at work... I said yes, of course even though I had never watched him.. we live so close together, but honestly we don't really see each other much unless my mom has a family get-together.. or we run into each other at my mom's house.. lol.. Anyway, I took a few pics of the kids playing in Leala's closet... why were they in the closet, who knows.. lol. They had a huge room to play in, but they just kept playing in the closet instead.. haha.

hehehehehe.. this was too funny.. I was taking a shower and Leala wanted to get in with me.. so I let her and then had fun with her hair.. haha.. I called Kevin in there to get the camera. too funny!
So silly!

Happy Anniversary Babe!!

So today is our 5th wedding anniversary! Crazy, huh? I can't believe it's been 5 years already... but yet, we've been together forever, so yeah I guess it makes sense! haha... We've been together since I was 12... so this June it will be 11 years.... Now THAT's crazy! lol.

Anyway, we've been through a lot and I wouldn't change any of it. It's gotten us where we are today and I'm happy with that. :) Happy Anniversary to us! I gathered some pictures (mainly of us, no family) from our weddings.. enjoy. :)

April 16th, 2005, we had our Vietnamese wedding. :)

Bridal pics..

April 17th, 2005.. our wedding day!

Walking down the aisle...

Wiping away my tears...

Saying, "I love you" after we lit our unity candle.

And I pronounce you as husband and wife!

Groom's Cake! Yummy!

Our wedding cake.. I designed it.. lol.. I literally drew a picture and told her that this was what I wanted. :)

First Dance

You can see the spots on my back... I had chicken pox the week before my wedding... yeah.. not fun!

I love this man!

Special Moments...

And we lived happily ever after... hehe

Friday, April 16, 2010

Valentine's Day & More

Well the day that Jennifer and Maddison left, Leala started getting sick... she was sick for a couple of days, but no fever or anything.. and then of course Friday evening she starts in on the fever... we were able to break it, until the next round of meds were due... each time it got worse and so on... Saturday night, we called the emergency number for my doc and he called in some meds for you.. I spent forever at the pharmacy and got them to her a couple of hours later... Monday we took her up to the doctor and found out she had 2 ear infections... the meds she was already on would tae care of it.. he said to call back on Wednesday if she wasn't better... She wasn't..

We found out that it was all viral and that I had started it a couple of days before her.... so I got it, 2 days later she got it.. and 2 days later Kevin got it... (and now that I'm writing all this out, it seems like Maddison started it... lol...)... anyway. So he told us that she should be better within 7-10 days from when she got sick.. so yeah... good times.. and of course since we had it all staggered, it seemed to last forever!

Anyway, a couple of weeks after that, Leala started running a fever again! The next day it was off and on.. it wasn't Friday, so I was thinking about roughing it and seeing how it went... but then she woke up from her nap with a 103.4 fever!!! I called the doc, my dad and Kevin. I didn't have the car (Kevin was in Dallas with it).. Dad had Sean's extra car seat at the house and he could take me... and the doc said that if I could get there by 5, to go ahead and come (they don't accept patients after 4 usually)... so that's when mommy mode came in... i got dressed and put a rag on her head and started running out to the nearest gas station and told dad to meet me there.. it was closer to where he was and we were cutting it real close on the time... (Just fyi, Dad is coming from the south side of town to the north side of another town (my house) to the town north of Dad's town!) So yeah... I was dying by the time I got to the gas station, but it was perfect timing and everything... Kevin met us up there and everything...

Her doctor checked up on her.. checked her ears.. checked everything... we even did a urine test! You know what it all came down to? Pre-teething for her 2 year molars.. there's not bumps where they are coming in or anything, so they are nowhere near close to coming in, but that's what he said it was.. there was nothing else wrong with her at all! So this was good and bad... good that nothing was wrong with her... but bad b/c NOTHING was wrong with her! So how could i keep the fever down? ugh... not fun.. a couple of days later, she was back to normal!

Anyway, so that was how our February was! But in-between the 2 ordeals, we had Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year (which was actually the same day this year). Enjoy the pics!

Oh and a quick side note... on Valentine's Day, she saw a heart on my card from Kevin and my heart of chocolate... Kevin told her it was a heart and we used her finger to trace it.. She instantly knew what hearts were.. every time she sees one, she says "heart!"... so sweet...

I put together a Valentine's Day basket for you.. she was soo excited to get it!

"Look!" it's a junior tag book.. lol.

Reading the card that I made using the cricut, that her daddy and I wrote in.

She pointed to the hearts and said Mommy and Daddy.. lol

She was first learning to pose!



Cool shades!

Kevin's parents handing out the money for Chinese New Year.

Talking to their kids (we do this thing, where we wish them luck and good fortune and stuff for the new year and they tell us what they hope for us and stuff... all the "elders" give the younger ones money.. so we give money to all of kevin's siblings and their kids too). Look at Leala, by the way..

Look at Leala again.. lol.. she kept saying, "I see you!" lol..

haha... yeah we dragged the mattress into the living room again and watched a movie that night..

Our little family..

She's sooo cute!