Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking at a Different Apartment

So, you might remember me talking about an apartment that we were thinking about moving into... Well, we have found a different one, that is closer to the area we were hoping to live in. It's here in the same town that we live in now and great location. Good area and everything.. The best part about it is that they have both 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms..

Most of the other apartments that had good priced 2 bedrooms didn't have 3 bedrooms at all, or there was too big of a price jump to be able to get the 3 bedroom when the time came... And then the apartments that had good priced 3 bedrooms had 2 bedrooms that were too expensive... So when we found out more details about this apartment, we were very excited!

We are wanting to get a 2 bedroom to start with and just deal with having Kevin's desk in our room.. Not ideal, but I'd rather be able to save the money and make the sacrifice. But we are also wanting the opportunity to move up into a 3 bedroom once it is financially okay.

Anyway, I love the floorplan and everything about it.. Sometime this week, they are supposed to call us when a 2 bedroom is ready for showing. We are soooo excited about seeing the place and hopefully living there (this year)..

My sister is actually looking at the one bedrooms there too... But for some reason, in the one bedrooms, there's not a lot of storage... so that's the only drawback for her.. But the storage in the 2 bedroom is great! She already got to see the one bedrooms in person and thinks these apartments are the cutest, well-kept apartments she's seen.. So I really really hope it all works out!! I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mommy's Baby Dress

I have this cute little baby dress from when I was a baby.. and I wanted to get some pictures of Leala in it too.. I waited a little too long to take them, so it's pretty short on her, but oh well.. I think the pictures came out really cute. :)

She was dancing on the bed.. lol


Such a cute picture... not sure what was going on with her hair though! lol..

I wish this picture wasn't blurry.. Kevin twirls her in a circle.. So cute!

Absolutely adorable!

She was starting to dance..

Silly Girl


Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Pedicure? What?

Kevin got a high dollar client, so the other night, we went out to celebrate by going to Chili's! Yum!! We also wanted to do something for each of us, since of course we have been putting ourselves last lately.

We sat down and thought of what would be fun for us to do.. Kevin is such a movie man.. Give him a movie and some food, and he's happy.. So of course, he wanted to go to the movies. It actually worked out really well.. We went during Leala's nap time, so that she could start eating at the beginning of the movie and take her nap shortly after. We saw the new G.I. Joe movie. Pretty good too.

We all had fun. Leala enjoyed sitting on our laps and eating popcorn with us. So cute!

My treat was a pedicure! Yup, after a very long long long wait, I got my pedicure! It was so nice. Now that we're back in Texas, I was able to go back to the salon I used to go to all the time. My same little lady was there and it was just like old times.. Except the fact that I couldn't stop thinking about Leala and what she was doing the whole time I was there. But that's okay. It was nice. I even got a manicure too! I have never had one, so it was cool to try something new.. Plus with my carpel tunnel, it was great to have someone massage my hands. (Kevin does it all the time for me, but I feel bad.. lol)..

Anyway, it was a pleasant trip and Kevin was able to get some of his errands done (with Leala) while I pampered myself. I can definitely agree that if you get a little bit of time away, you can be a better mommy once you're back!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day at the Park

We spent the day at the park a couple of weeks ago, and I never got around to posting about it. It was a great family day and we had lots of fun! Leala had a few meltdowns, but we got through it and made it a great day!

I absolutely love this park! We had to drive a bit to get to it, but it was nice change (instead of just going to a park around here). Anyway, without further adieu, here are the pictures!

Daddy and Leala about to go down the slide.

She loves the slide!

Walking around with Mommy.

She was having so much fun. Very curious about everything!

She wanted Mommy.. lol

So precious..

I look awful it this picture.. But I love her!

So cute!!!

You see her jaw teeth? She's growing up!

So cute!!

Absolutely adorable!

Running to Daddy.

Right after one of her meltdowns.. lol

I was trying to take a picture of her, but she ran up to me.. I kinda like it though!

My World

I love all of these pictures!

Love it!

Look at the turtles!

Walking with Daddy.

So happy!

Playing with Daddy!

Looking at flowers with Mommy.

Walking through flowers..

Veteran's Park in Arlington

Soooo cute!!

Holding on by herself!

She is precious!

So pretty!

I love this picture!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Patriotic Premade Scrapbook Page

I had blogged about getting the new military Cricut cartridge and about how excited I was to use it. But I have been sooo busy trying to get other things done, I haven't been able to play with it as much as I wanted. But I was able to do a 2 pager! Here's a picture of the patriotic scrapbook page that I posted on my site.

I love these pages! Very clean and to the point. It could be used for a
variety of different things. The sky is the limit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Out With My Sister

So last week, I got to spend some time with my sister. It was great. We really need to make the effort to do it more often. We didn't do anything real special, but we had tons of fun! Leala had a blast too. I didn't get any pictures, but Leala was acting like a sweetheart the whole time.

We went out to eat for lunch together. Yummy! Mongolian Grill! Leala even liked it too.. I forgot to bring her little fork, so I ended up giving her a regular size one. To my surprise, she did pretty well! I had promised her that if she ate well, she'd get some ice cream. I think she wanted to make sure she got that ice cream! haha! She ate tons of food, including broccoli, tofu, chicken and pineapple..

So when it came to ice cream time, she would look at me, and say "ah" (her way of saying "feed me") and I'd give her a bite.. Then she'd look at Amber and say "ah" to her too! It was so cute. She just kept going back and forth between us. (And we made sure the bites kept getting smaller and smaller!) haha.. (This is the girl who ate half a thing of Smarties, and instantly ran around her little table for 10 minutes)!

After we were done eating, we decided to go ahead and go to Party City to get some of Leala's birthday supplies. Amber kept me on track and helped take of Leala, while I decided what I would get. If you remember, I have coupons, and I knew I would end up buying more later, so I only wanted to get enough to cover the coupon. Anyway, we walked out of there with a savings of $20! Yay! I still need to go back with Kevin or something and finish getting the rest of the stuff.

Anyway, after all that, we went back to Amber's place and introduced Leala to the dogs.. For her never being around dogs, I think she did really well. She didn't really like Foxy (a boston terrior) licking her, but she did alright. We're slowly introducing them to her, so I'm sure it will take several more times over there for Leala to be fully comfortable.

That's about it. Like I said, nothing really special, but it was nice having some sister time. Oh and Leala was such a ham while we were at Party City! She kept wanting Amber to hold her and pay attention to her.. Which is surprising, because she's usually really clingy towards me and Kevin. It gives me hope that once Leala is fully weaned, we might have a babysitter!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Winter Premade Scrapbook Pages

I am so ready for fall and winter to be here already!!! So I went ahead and made some winter and Christmas premade scrapbook pages. Enjoy!

I just love Christmas scrapbook pages!

The pink and green look great together! Adds a little twist on
traditional Christmas scrapbook pages.

I absolutely love the blue and gray! The ribbon adds a great touch!

Fun scrapbook page! I am in love with the journaling tags!

Great traditional Christmas scrapbook page! Is it winter yet?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Leala on the Potty

I thought this was too cute not to share!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Travel Premade Scrapbook Pages

There are some new travel premade scrapbook pages on my site! In the travel folder, I include any adventure type pages. Like anything about being outdoors, going to the park or zoo, or taking a hike and so on would all be in the travel section of my site.

I just love this page! The brown and pink is adorable!

I love these zoo pages! It has lots of glitter on it too! Very cute!

Such a cute scrapbook page to keep your memories of a lunch in the park!

Very cute scrapbook page for a hike! Lots of journaling area too!
There's some glitter on this page too!

Nice soft scrapbook page to show the innocence of a child
finding and exploring something new.