Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Pedicure? What?

Kevin got a high dollar client, so the other night, we went out to celebrate by going to Chili's! Yum!! We also wanted to do something for each of us, since of course we have been putting ourselves last lately.

We sat down and thought of what would be fun for us to do.. Kevin is such a movie man.. Give him a movie and some food, and he's happy.. So of course, he wanted to go to the movies. It actually worked out really well.. We went during Leala's nap time, so that she could start eating at the beginning of the movie and take her nap shortly after. We saw the new G.I. Joe movie. Pretty good too.

We all had fun. Leala enjoyed sitting on our laps and eating popcorn with us. So cute!

My treat was a pedicure! Yup, after a very long long long wait, I got my pedicure! It was so nice. Now that we're back in Texas, I was able to go back to the salon I used to go to all the time. My same little lady was there and it was just like old times.. Except the fact that I couldn't stop thinking about Leala and what she was doing the whole time I was there. But that's okay. It was nice. I even got a manicure too! I have never had one, so it was cool to try something new.. Plus with my carpel tunnel, it was great to have someone massage my hands. (Kevin does it all the time for me, but I feel bad.. lol)..

Anyway, it was a pleasant trip and Kevin was able to get some of his errands done (with Leala) while I pampered myself. I can definitely agree that if you get a little bit of time away, you can be a better mommy once you're back!


He & Me + 3 said...

Yay for pedicures. My favorite thing to do alone. Good for you.

Caidens_mommy said...

YaY Good for you!