Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leala's 18 Month Check-Up

We had Leala's 18 month check-up on the 20th. I know, she's been 18 months for a couple of weeks, but the Navy started her shots about a week late, and it snowballed from there.. (You can't get the shots done on a day that was before the day you got them done last... Did that make sense?)

Anyway, so she weighs 25 pounds on the big scale, but I think that equals about 27 pounds on the infant scale.. lol.. which she was weighed on last a few weeks ago and weighed 25. She's also 32 inches long. She did great with her shot, but when the doctor came in to do her check-up, she freaked out and cried. I felt bad. Her doctor is actually my doctor too.. Besides the time period that I was on Tricare (military insurance), he had been my doctor since I was 6 weeks old. :)

Everything went well.. She either has a wart or splinter on her foot.. He treated it and suggested we come back in 10 days to look at it again.. Not looking forward to it, but I at least know a better time to go next time. Right after lunch.. That way I would be the first one to be seen.

For her check-up, our appointment was at 10:30. Didn't get called back until after 11:00.. Didn't even see the doctor until after 12:20.. Saw him for 10 minutes and then were done. Didn't get home until 1:15 (after picking up some food on the way home). Not fun at all.. We had an unhappy mommy and toddler..

But at least it's over with, and we won't have to do shots again until she's 2... which isn't too long from now.. (already planning her birthday party).. Oh man...


Stephanie said...

Glad her checkup went okay but sorry about her foot and the wait. I hate waiting in doctors offices...it's hard with kids especially and it always seems to happen!

He & Me + 3 said...

Seriously? I feel like she just turned one. OMGosh time is flying. Glad it went well, sorry it was so long. WE always wait to see our Doctor, but not quite that long. She is worth the wait though.