Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Out With My Sister

So last week, I got to spend some time with my sister. It was great. We really need to make the effort to do it more often. We didn't do anything real special, but we had tons of fun! Leala had a blast too. I didn't get any pictures, but Leala was acting like a sweetheart the whole time.

We went out to eat for lunch together. Yummy! Mongolian Grill! Leala even liked it too.. I forgot to bring her little fork, so I ended up giving her a regular size one. To my surprise, she did pretty well! I had promised her that if she ate well, she'd get some ice cream. I think she wanted to make sure she got that ice cream! haha! She ate tons of food, including broccoli, tofu, chicken and pineapple..

So when it came to ice cream time, she would look at me, and say "ah" (her way of saying "feed me") and I'd give her a bite.. Then she'd look at Amber and say "ah" to her too! It was so cute. She just kept going back and forth between us. (And we made sure the bites kept getting smaller and smaller!) haha.. (This is the girl who ate half a thing of Smarties, and instantly ran around her little table for 10 minutes)!

After we were done eating, we decided to go ahead and go to Party City to get some of Leala's birthday supplies. Amber kept me on track and helped take of Leala, while I decided what I would get. If you remember, I have coupons, and I knew I would end up buying more later, so I only wanted to get enough to cover the coupon. Anyway, we walked out of there with a savings of $20! Yay! I still need to go back with Kevin or something and finish getting the rest of the stuff.

Anyway, after all that, we went back to Amber's place and introduced Leala to the dogs.. For her never being around dogs, I think she did really well. She didn't really like Foxy (a boston terrior) licking her, but she did alright. We're slowly introducing them to her, so I'm sure it will take several more times over there for Leala to be fully comfortable.

That's about it. Like I said, nothing really special, but it was nice having some sister time. Oh and Leala was such a ham while we were at Party City! She kept wanting Amber to hold her and pay attention to her.. Which is surprising, because she's usually really clingy towards me and Kevin. It gives me hope that once Leala is fully weaned, we might have a babysitter!!!

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He & Me + 3 said...

How fun to hang out for a day with your sister. Sounds like you did alot and that Leala was enjoying her time with "the girls" She is so sweet.