Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks guys!

Thanks to all those who gave me some suggestions of things I needed in my house. I completely agree with you all! It seems as if I'm adding more things to my lists a few times a week... Hopefully at this rate, I won't think of much more to buy... Haha!

I might make this a new series to my posts... Go room by room and list things I need... lol... We are trying our hardest not to buy things in advance.. I know, I know... I could catch sales and special deals and so on. We just really don't have the room here to store things... Plus the less we have to move from this house, the better.. We are truly thinking about renting a moving truck to go shopping with... Like go to all the places that we're buying big things from, and that way we don't have to pay for delivery on things, and that way we know for sure we'll have room for the stuff.. And we won't have to borrow a truck from someone and so on. I think it will all work out. Since we aren't rushed to move out of where we are now, we'll be able to take the time to clean up the new house and go get everything and unpack everything before we have to actually move in.

As you can see, I am way too excited about all this.. We don't even have a house picked out.. or the money at this point... But like I mentioned in the previous post, contracts are being signed, so money will soon follow. :)

Anyway, what we really need in a house, itself, is 3 bedroom and a study or 4 bedrooms... 2 living rooms (one for a playroom).. 2+ bathrooms... a big yard... Oh and we would prefer to have a breaskfast area that is large enough to just put a 6 chair table, that way we can use the formal dining room for something else (hubby wants a pool room!). We have found several homes (I mean several!) that meet all these expectations and then some!. Some have 3 living rooms.. Some have 5 bedrooms and a study... And so on.. It's just a matter of knowing our budget and picking out what we want. I am quite surprised to see that there are homes for 30k-40k less than our max amount that are beautiful and have just as much as the houses at the top of our budget! I'm super excited!

Like I said, I might write some posts about what we will need to get for our future house.. This will just be my way to get my thoughts together.. I'm sorry if I bore you guys!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Something you can't live without...

This post won't be as serious as you would think it might be... I'm stuck on a one-way train of thought right now... Houses!! We've been looking a lot and know what we need and want... There's lots of it out there, it's just a matter of time (which might be real soon.. hubby signed a contract this morning)..

Anyway, I can't help but think ahead of time of all the things we will need to buy for the house.. I have a spreadsheet going organized by rooms.. So tell me ladies, what in your house could you not live without? Name one thing, or five things.. I don't care.. I just want to make sure I think of everything we need.. Yeah I know, yeah right, but I can still try!

Thank you ladies!!! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Silly Leala Moments from April

Silly Leala moments caught on camera in April...

She's so funny.

Daddy and Leala taking a nap.

Watching tv... not sure why Leala is posing like that.. or why she's stuffing her hand in her mouth.. lol.

She's so crazy.

Playing with Daddy...

I know she shouldn't be doing it, but I can't help but laugh.. lol

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Military Cricut Cartridge? Really?!

Yup!! They finally made a military cartridge. I'm so excited.. It comes out sometime in June or July (I've read different dates). It will be so fun to make more military premade scrapbook pages. It will also help with 4th of July scrapbook pages too! I will be getting my scrapbook supplies together to make my military pages, when the cartridge arrives!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A year ago today....

I talked to a pregnant friend of mine today, and it got me looking at my pregnancy pictures from the same week that she is today... I was huge.. lol.... Anyway, so I started looking through pictures and it hit me.... I wanted to go find a picture of Leala a year ago today (or as close to it as possible). It just so happens that I have one that was taken May 19th, 2008.

She had crazy hair after her nap. I can't believe how much she has grown.. My little baby is getting so big, so smart, so cute.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Pictures!

Yes, I'm really late with this... so sue me! hehehe... Oh and yeah, I couldn't narrow it down anymore than this... So you will get tons of pictures in this post. I think they are well overdue anyway. :) Enjoy.

Using an egg as a phone... lol

Putting her eggs in her basket!

Happy that she put it in the basket..

Trying to eat her egg.. Look at those chubby thighs!

"Score!" (Her Daddy taught her that).

She's such a big girl!

Finding gummy bears!

These are the only bluebonnet pictures we were able to get this year.

What's that?!


"Here, Daddy!"

So cute!

Screaming, just because she can... lol.

Eating gummy bears.

Sharing with Daddy.

Kicking the ball.

Pretty flowers!

Leala and Daddy

They are so cute together.

She never liked the swing before that day.. You can see that she's kinda waiting to see if she likes it or not... with her cute shy smile.

So cute!

She loves it!

She is just so cute. I love her smile and laugh!

Silly Daddy took her up into a tree!

Silly monkeys!