Saturday, May 30, 2009

Something you can't live without...

This post won't be as serious as you would think it might be... I'm stuck on a one-way train of thought right now... Houses!! We've been looking a lot and know what we need and want... There's lots of it out there, it's just a matter of time (which might be real soon.. hubby signed a contract this morning)..

Anyway, I can't help but think ahead of time of all the things we will need to buy for the house.. I have a spreadsheet going organized by rooms.. So tell me ladies, what in your house could you not live without? Name one thing, or five things.. I don't care.. I just want to make sure I think of everything we need.. Yeah I know, yeah right, but I can still try!

Thank you ladies!!! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


Shauna said...

Hmm, I'm not sure thinking about it! I hope you can get alot of other tips from ppl, I'm sorry no help here but seriously there's alot that I couldn't live without, lol. GL house hunting!

He And Me + 3 said...

Lots of keep things organized in every room. Cute window treatments. My mom creates all of mine. I love them.
Dishwasher...a superb vacuum...of course lots of places to put picture shelves:)

Shauna said...

I really think it takes a long time to get everything you need for a new home, we still are! Lol
And no matter what, your family will love it b/c it will be yours. Organizing is a must, so I would say anything to help you keep things organized from the start "everything in it's place" :) will help you out, and keep down any clutter/things in there you won't need.
Of course any pictures or neat things you find and would like in it to make it feel more like home :)

Shanilie said...

Oh fun. What an exciting time. hmm, when it comes to houses I can't live without lots of nice closet space. Counter space, separate laundry area. The one I have right now is off the bathroom and the clothes get strewn everywhere! I also like a separate living room and family room that way I don't have to hear the tv when Jacob is watching and I can still have a quiet place.

Shoebee said...

This is going to sound really crazy (probalby not too crazy coming from me), but I would have to say a good tool chest with tools. I'm talking about a good hammer, screwdrivers (or a drill), wrenches, basic tools. You can't put up pictures or shelves without a good tool chest. Also, when you have your own house, there is always things that need to be fixed. My second needed items would be a good washer and dryer. Then a vacuum or good broom/mop.