Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Word!

My little girl is on a roll! She says "pretty" now too!!

"Please" and Pictures

So Leala has learned a new word. She says "please" now. It is sooo cute! I think saying no just got harder! haha!

I changed her diaper earlier and she saw the bubbles. She kept saying "bubble" over and over. So I blew a few bubbles, then put it up because it was time for her to eat. She continued to say "bubble", so I told her that if she said please, we could blow more bubbles (thinking that she wouldn't, and that we could go about our business... I know, it's wrong, but Mommy has had a long day), and what do you know? She says "please" in the cutest little voice. I couldn't get to the bubbles fast enough for this little precious girl. haha!

So of course after several more bubbles, we went and told Daddy her new word. It melted his heart too. By then, sh erealized she wanted to eat, but she didn't want to leave Daddy either. Of course at the time, Kevin was working, so we needed to leave him alone... She whined and said "please!" SO SO SO sad...

She's doing pretty good with her words.. Anytime she sees a camera, she says, "cheese!" So cute!! Oh and she says "ah" when she's hungry... lol.

Anyway, here are some pictures from May that I never got to post. :)



Leala with her cousin, Serenity being silly.


I kept telling her not to lean back in the chair... This shows much she was listening that day!


She fell into her little canvas cube.. too funny...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scrapbook Giveaway Winner is....

Announced at my other blog!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yay!! New Cricut Cartridge!!!

I just ordered the new military Cricut cartridge! I am so excited! Expect some new military scrapbook pages and even patriotic holiday pages too!!! I'm super super excited! As many of you know, my husband served in the Navy for 5 years and is currently serving 3 years of innactive duty. So this one really hits home!

I'm off tomorrow to go find some more military paper! What's more fun than me and my girl shopping around a few scrapbook stores? I love it!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

My ABC's and a Reminder!

Taking a break before lunch!

A -Age: 22
B -Bed size: Queen, but if we can when we move, we'll get a King size
C -Chore you hate: Dusting
D -Donuts or Kolaches: Donuts
E -Essential start your day item: Getting a shower ASAP
F -Favorite color: Pink
G -Gold or Silver: White Gold or silver
H -Height: 5'5"
I -Instruments you play: Don't play anything, but wish I could..
J -Jokes or Rhymes: Jokes
K -Kids: 1 sassy 16 (almost 17) month old.. probably 2 more in the future..
L -Living arrangements: Not what I call ideal, but looking into buying a new house.
M -Movie: Almost anything, just as long as it isn't too old..
N -Nicknames: Ash, Babe, Momma, Mommy, and several others..
O-Overnight hospital stays: Just when I had Leala.. stayed overnight the day labor started.. didn't have her until the next morning. Stayed 3 nights after I had her.. (should have been 4.. I had a c-section... and then a blood transfusion! Not sure why they rushed me out!)
P -Pet Peeve: Adults who don't act like adults... and messy people.
Q -Quote you like: Oh man.. not sure...
R -Right or left handed: Right
S -Siblings: 2 older sisters
T -Time you wake up: 6:30 AM usually
U -Underwear: No panty lines here!
V -Vegetable you dislike: Peas.. Eww!!
W -Ways you run late: not usually late... car problems... or something with Leala.
X -X-rays you've had: neck, back, wrists.
Y -Yummy food you make: desserts!
Z -Zodiac sign: Pisces

Now you know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me!
Thanks to Stacey over at McCrakensX4 for this fun idea!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Go check out my blog, where I've posted the information for my first giveaway! It's for a $20 credit and free shipping on my scrapbooking site! You don't want to miss this one! It ends Sunday June 28th night at 8:45 PM!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's hospital visit...

Everything is okay now, just so you know. But we did have quite a scare with my dad a week and a half ago. He was having chest pain and the pain went all the way up to his jaw.. Not a good sign.. He went home. He went back and forth over the phone with his doctor and was told to go to the hospital to get checked out. My mother and him went.. After all was said and done.. After a night of staying in the hospital, it was all acid reflux. But they did tests and stuff on his heart and found that he has a weakened heart. More tests will be done (now that my parents are back from their vacation) soon. I think he will be put on some meds to help him. At least they caught this problem before something happened and it was too late.

I'm glad it ended well and nothing was majorly wrong. He sure did give us a scare though. Makes you stop and appreciate the little things.

Leala made him laugh a lot though at the hospital.. She was the star of the show! She kept putting her hands down on the ground and sticking her booty in the air and shaking it! Sooo funny! I don't know where she learned that from either, but now everytime my mom says, "Work it, work it" she gets down and shakes her booty... I know, I know.. not a good thing, but it was too cute. We just can't help ourselves.. When she's a little older, I'll make sure she doesn't do it anymore. :)

My dad has an enlarged heart. They have put him on some meds that will either slow down the problem or reverse it. He's doing well, so no worries.

Rash and a Sassy Toddler!

As I stated, Leala had a rash last week (or maybe a week and a half ago?). We aren't sure what it was. I'm not sure if I had mentioned it on here or not, but a while ago, Leala had a rash that ended up spreading all over her body. It was an allergic reaction to something (we think something on Kevin's parents' clothes from working outside)..

Well, we're not sure if last week's rash was the same or not.. Friday night (the 12th), her few bumps on her forehead spread into a full rash.. It got worse over the weekend and we planned a trip to the doctor Monday morning. It got better - like a lot better overnight on Sunday.. So no need in going to the doctor.. She wasn't exposed to anything outside (too hot for that!) so we have no idea what it was. It didn't look as severe as last time, so maybe it was just something else.

I am just glad to have my baby back and she's as sassy as ever! She has actually started reminding me of myself a little bit too much! haha! The other day, I asked her "Who am I?" She said, plain as day, "Ashley". Are you kidding me? I told her that I'm Mommy and that she's Leala and I'm Mommy and so on.. I told her not to call me that and if she did, she'd be in trouble.

You know what my little precious pre-two-year-old did while I had my little talk with her? Put her fingers in her ears and just stared up at all. Yup! I have no idea where she learned that from.. None of the adults around her have done it, and I've never seen any of her cousins or friends do it.. Oh man, she's 16 months and we're already dealing with things like this!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm still alive, I promise!

I know, I haven't been around for a while. Things have been crazy busy! Between raising a 16 month old, being a wife (daughter and friend too!), scrapbooking, my daughter having a rash again a week ago, my father being in the hospital last week, my dad going home from the hospital, checking up on my parents' house while they went on vacation, mine and Kevin's 10 year anniversary and Father's Day, I have been more than busy! (I will update on these things in future posts, I promise!).

I have been scrapbooking like crazy! I even do it in my sleep. Yeah, no kidding! I really do! I will be taking more pictures soon of the pages I've done in the last week, and upload those too. Leala has been pretty good lately, so I've been able to get a whole lot done! Thank goodness!

I am just loving everything about my scrapbooking business! I love my site! I love to scrapbook! And I can't get over the feeling of being able to provide busy people with premade scrapbook pages! It makes me feel great, because I know how important it is to a lot of us mommies out there!

I will try my hardest to keep churning out these pages at this crazy insane rate that I am! I will need to take a break at some point, but until then... Chugga chugga choo choo! I will keep on working!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Scrapbook Site Is Live Now!

Yay! It has finally happened!

My Premade Scrapbook Page Site is officially live now!

It has been so amazing to get all this together and finally up and running. It has been a lot of hard work, but so well worth it! Please go check it out and let me know what you all think.

I've been living and breathing scrapbook pages with every "free" second I have.. Yeah, I know. There are no "free" seconds when it comes to motherhood, but you know what I mean! It has all come together and is looking so great!

I'm sorry, I'm just so excited to have this done!

I really owe all of this to my husband and daughter. My little girl, Leala, was my inspiration in doing all of this in the first place. I love scrapbooking and I love having all of my favorite memories treasured in that way, but when I was pregnant, I just couldn't do it anymore. For several months, I wasn't able to scrapbook anymore. I was devastated and rather disappointed. But now, I'm back in the game and am able to help others who can't scrapbook for themselves!

My wonderful husband helped me put all of my ideas into action. He supported me and listened to my crazy ideas and let me run with them! (Thank you so much, Babe!) He did such a great job on my site and didn't kill me through this whole thing! (If any of you need any help with sites or marketing or anything like that, go check out my hubby's site!)

I'm really thinking about doing my first giveaway, in celebration of my new site!! How exciting, huh? What do you guys think? Giveaway or no giveaway? I kinda already have something in mind, but not sure if you guys would even be interested in me doing a giveaway or not. Let me know!!

These are some of the new scrapbook pages I uploaded today! I really love how they are all turning out. I am so happy to be able to offer a place for people to keep their treasured memories, especially when they don't have time to do it themselves. I know how that feels, so I am happy to be able to help out!

Okay girls! Come on, and tell me what you think about all this! Do you like my site? Should I do a giveaway? What do you think of these new premade scrapbook pages?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So here we go... My list.... My list of things that we need to buy for each room in the house that we have yet to buy... My list that you can freely add to... My list that I probably need tons of help with. So here goes!

Master Bath:
trash can
toothbrush holder
q-tip holder
soap dispenser
hand towels
wash cloths
shower curtain?
shower caddy?

Leala's Bathroom:
trash can
toothbrush holder
soap dispenser (but might just use Kandoo)
hand towels
wash cloths
shower curtain
toy holder

1/2 Bath:
trash can
soap dispenser
hand towels

Anything else you can think of? Of course I might need to get a toilet paper holder thing, but it depends on the bathroom.. If there's anything else you think we should get, just let me know! I didn't write down stuff that we already have that doesn't need to be replaced, so I might already have what you're thinking about, but I might NOT!

More rooms to come!