Friday, October 31, 2008

Leala's first Halloween!

I can't believe how fast time goes by. Today is Leala's first Halloween, and in 2 days she'll be 9 months old. That just seems impossible to me.

We have had a pretty busy day today. We went shopping (Daddy is at the World Internet Seminar). Then we went and saw my mom. She had surgery today on her wrist. She loved Leala's costume! Then we went and saw my sister, to show off Leala to her co-workers! Then we finally came home. Daddy should be home kinda soon... And then we will hand out candy tonight to the trick-or-treaters with Leala's help!

She looks so cute in her little costume. She makes the perfect little strawberry. I love how she gets all excited when she sees her costume. Too cute! :) I will definitely post a picture of her.


Lori said...

what a cute little strawberry!

Willis Family said...

She looks so cute!!