Monday, July 6, 2009

The past week...

The past week has been fun. Kevin had a ton of work to do with a bunch of clients, but he took the weekend off. Saturday we spent the afternoon at my parents' house for lunch. My sisters and nephew were there too. It was pretty fun. I really like having the whole family get together.

Leala and Sean played well together. There were a few fights over the toy cell phone, but they got over it. I just love seeing them play together. At one point, they each had a toy phone and were talking to each other on it... Leala had her hand on her hip (where does she learn this stuff?) and was somewhat yelling at Sean... haha.. When she gets frustrated, she sometimes looks like a old, mad Asian woman... haha.. very cute!

Anyway, after a while, Sean said, "Okay, Leala. That's enough. My turn." And started talking as fast as possible.. Of course, we don't usually know what either of them are saying.. It was sooo cute and funny. We couldn't stop laughing.

I didn't get much pictures from this weekend, but I'll post some random pictures from this month at the end of this post.

Everything else is going well. Tomorrow we are taking Leala to Hurricane Harbor for the first time. I'm really excited. I've never gone before, but they have a lot of stuff for little ones. I know Leala will love it!

Also, this week, I will be lowering prices on my premade scrapbook site.. Everything has been fine with the site, but I think I might have strayed a little from my original goal... More on that in another post.. I will update you all though, as soon as I have the time to do it. :)

I just love this picture! I don't know why, but it's one of my favorites!

So cute!

She's wearing the little robes that you pray in (a Buddhist thing.. and no, we're not bringing her up to be Buddhist.. She can be whatever she wants... Her grandparents just out her in it to see how cute she would be).

haha! So silly!

She is so cute when she covers her mouth while laughing.

Kissing Daddy...

Leala with her cousins, Chance and Serenity.

Poor cow... poor poor cow...

Leala's cousin, Sean.


Stephanie said...

I love sleeping baby pictures! She's adorable!

Caidens_mommy said...

AHHH! I laughed my butt off at the story about Leala and Sean. HaHa
I can't beleive how big they both look in the pictures. Robert didn't even recognize Sean. I love the one of Leala with her arms out too, she's so cute!