Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where have I been?

'Where have I been', you ask? Hmm.. Where have I not been? haha! Well, first off, last week, we took Leala to Hurricane Harbor for the first time. We all had a blast! No pictures yet, since I used I bought a waterproof disposable one to use and we haven't used all the film yet..

Anyway, we had a lot of fun! Lots of sun, water, food, and sunscreen! You should have seen Leala before we went in. She was almost solid white with sunscreen.. :) Overprotective Mommy worried about sunburn? I think so! But did it pay off? You betcha!

We even got nachos and dippin dots to eat while we took a break. YUM! Leala did great. She had one little meltdown, but recovered quickly. We timed out our departure perfectly, and were in the car less than 5 minutes and she was asleep.

She did end up getting heat rash later that night... Which ended with several days of staying inside until it went away.

Then just as we thought the close was clear to get back to our normal life, she ends up with a fever a week later.. We took her to the doctor and her ears were a little pink.. Since she had a high fever and it wouldn't come down, we started her on some meds... The next day after her nap, she ended up with a 103 degree fever..

That evening (last night) it finally broke while playing with Daddy. (Don't get me wrong, it didn't stay 103.. but she continuously had a fever). Since 2:30 AM this morning, she has not had another fever. I am so happy to have my angel back.. It was completely awful to feel her back and her be burning up. She is still fussy and cranky, but well on her way to normalcy. :)

I hope to blog some more, but who knows! Tomorrow I will be helping a friend pack and we have a baby shower to go to Sunday. Busy busy!


Stephanie said...

glad she's feeling better! hope you all have a good weekend!

He & Me + 3 said...

Glad she is feeling better. Have a sick baby is so hard. Stunt Man woke up with an ear infection from the swimming pool 2 nights ago. So glad i had the ear drops to help already. It is so sad to see them hurting.

Caidens_mommy said...

I knew all this but liked reading it anyway. :) Just wanted to comment so you'd know I was still following your blog. Luv Ya, C-ya Sunday!

leaner said...

Seems like things are looking up!

Daphine said...

So glad to hear that she's feeling better.

Have a great week ahead!