Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, we got Leala a set of wooden peg puzzles for Christmas. I was kinda iffy about getting them because it said for 3 years+, and she wouldn't have even been 2 yet. But Kevin and I agreed, that even if she couldn't do it, she could practice and would be able to do at some point or another...

There are 4 different puzzles: farm animals, zoo animals, numbers (0-9), and the alphabet. So we started out with the farm animals. We thought it would be the easiest one for her to understand first. So within 15 minutes of working with her on it (this was actually 5 minutes one night and then 10 minutes the next day), she could do the entire puzzle by herself without any help! She could also say a few of the animals. So then a couple of days later, we pulled out the zoo puzzle. Same thing happened. And then the number one.. And then the alphabet one... She's insane.. she literally mastered 3 year+ puzzled in a matter of minutes...

So, of course, my husband being the man he is.. got both animal puzzles out, mixed all the pieces together from both puzzles and put it all out in front of Leala.. She then put both puzzles together at the same time... So then we tried all 4 puzzles... Same thing... She's a genius, I swear.. Oh and remember, this was all before she turned 2! Oh and of course, my husband turns the pieces over, so she can't see them before she picks them up either!

They are so cute playing together!

She looks SOO grown up here.. so little, but grown up!

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Kelly said...

She is growing up fast!! Don't miss my giveaway... It is a good one!