Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lots to do!!

I feel like I have tons of things to do before I can get on track with things.. like I said, I've slacked off on things and now I'm trying to catch up and get things back to normal..

I have tons of premade scrapbook pages to take pictures of, so I can post them on my website. I've at least kept up with making some pages, which is great... But there's at least like 25 to take pictures of. And then again, I think there's like 10 on my computer that I need to edit too.. So that's a lot of new things that will be added soon!

Oh and I opened an etsy shop too.. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I've opened it and will get it going once I take pictures of the scrapbook pages.

I've also started going through Leala's baby stuff, and have decided to sell some of it. I know, I know.. We will be having another baby.. and I will have to rebuy some of the stuff, but if I sit here and continue to save everything, we won't have room to live! I have to think of the quality of our life now, and worry about rebuying things later when the time comes. I'm still keeping lots of Leala's clothes, but have cut it down dramatically.

I've posted several lots of clothes on Craigslist and am slowly selling them. We also got rid of her swing, jumperoo and high chair (we have a booster that we can use, plus I want to get one of the wooden highchairs next time), and we're probably going to get rid of her learning house too.. We gotta make some room for all the toys to come this Christmas season! And her birthday isn't too long after that, so there will be plenty of toys!

While organizing some things, I cam across Leala's baby book, which of course I haven't finished filling out. So that is another thing on my list.. I've done a few entries everyday day for the past few days, so if I can continue to do that, then maybe it will be done soon. Some of the stuff, I need help from Kevin, but most of it I can do myself.

And there's more organizing to do. There will be more on that in another post. :)


Stephanie said...

Girl you're nesting :)

I have so much organizing and cleaning out to do I can't begin to make a list right now. Spent the morning cleaning and I'm exhausted...geez it never ends!

He & Me + 3 said...

I need to get my butt in gear too. You are my inspiration. Good job! I have one more week and then the kids go back to school. I plan to tackle some then.