Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Living Situation..

So, I've never come out and said this on here, but I don't like our living situation. As of right now, we live in a house that my husband owns, but his family lives here too.. Not the ideal situation. I mean, it's his house. He paid for it and all, so it's more like they live in our house, but still... Not what I want.

We are looking into selling one of my husband's companies and therefore would be buying a new home for us... But we have decided that even when we do sell the company, we want to let the money sit and build up some interest and so on, and just move into an apartment or rental home.. I'm thinking apartment, that way we can pay the cheapest rent possible (within a great area and so on).

It's not terrible living here, but for all the obvious reasons, we want to move.. I have to move... (us living here could be partly the reason why I haven't been too happy and why I've gained so much weight..) So as soon as he sells his company, we'll be moving. The goal is for that to be before Christmas. It all depends on other things, of course, but yeah. I have found what I think is the best apartments ever, but need to go physically check them out and check out the area. My sister gave them a good recommendation and the ratings online were good, so I have lots of hope for this one!

I will keep you all updated as things unfold. :) I really do hope that it works out there, but I do have back-ups too. The pictures look great. The entire place is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and has an amazing stone-surrounded pool. Lots of walking trails too!


He & Me + 3 said...

I can see how that could be a bit stressful. I hope that it sells fast.

Stephanie said...

I hope things work out for you and you find a place you really like!!!!!