Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Day At My Parents' House

After we opened stockings and had a small breakfast, we headed over to my parents' house, to see the family again and we have "Christmas Dinner" for an early lunch. Again, like I said before, I wanted to get tons of pictures... I think we did pretty good... especially since these are only a handful of the pictures we took.. haha.

This is an awful picture of me, but here's me and my dad. I always used to sit in his lap!

Smelling our new perfumes.. hehe

Leala with Aunt Am and Uncle Shelby.

Sean being silly.

Kevin and my sister Sarah.

My dad and Sean playing... Boys... lol

Sitting down to eat! Yum!

Leala was excited to eat.. hehe

She looks guilty...


Too funny!

Running away from Uncle Shelby.

And again..


She actually let him pick her up! And she didn't cry.. She doesn't see him too often and she's always scared of him, but they had a lot of fun together.

We rarely ever get a picture of us without Leala. Not the best, but it's something!

Reading to the kids in the kitchen floor... not sure why.. lol

It was the best shot we could get that day... too bad part of the book covered my mom's face.. I still like it though.

The Sisters

Leala kept bringing more and more books to him.. They were trying to leave and she just kept bring book after book!


He & Me + 3 said...

That was a sweet family visit. I love how she warmed up to uncle Shelby. Cute

Amy said...

I love the photo with your sisters,reminds me to get a recent one with mine :-)
I'm not particularly fond of photos of myself but, I'm realising they are important to have.