Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Enjoy the Picture Overload!

On Christmas Eve, we go to my mother's house and open presents. Both of my sisters and my nephew all go too. We usually open presents late afternoon or early evening, but the earlier, the better since we have kids now. :) Here's just a few (yes I said few) of the 162 pictures we took (that's minus blurry pics).. lol.

Leala and Sean

Sarah and Sean (Mommy and Son)

Me and Leala

She had a blast opening presents.. this was a wonderful loud noise that my mother said had to go home with us! haha...

Daddy opening presents with Leala.

Sarah and the kids looking at the photo album we put together for Sarah. It has pictures from everyone's cameras.. pictures all the way back to when she was pregnant with Sean. We made a DVD music video too..

Sean posing with the photo album.

Mom and Dad.. They are redecorating their house more vintage like.. That's some old prints that my dad bought for my mom to put in the spare bedroom.. I love them!

Aunt Am helping Leala open more presents..

Leala showing off her clothes.

MeMa helping Leala put on her new shoes. (Yes, my mom is wearing shorts.. it snowed that day and she wore shorts... she even went out in the snow wearing shorts... she does this every year.. lol)

She loves them!

She absolutely loves her baby stroller! She carries Holly (her baby.. she names her too.. lol) around in it all the time!

Eating tomatoes with MeMa

Eating something else with Aunt Am.


Sean and his new scooter!

Me and Mom.. we never take pictures like this, but this year I was determined..

Good picture of my mom and Leala.

I think she was saying, "Where'd he go?".

haha.. Sarah was trying to get in a picture with Leala... and Leala elbowed her instead... hmm..

The Girls

Leala getting restless and posing.. lol


Caidens_mommy said...

I love all the pictures!

He & Me + 3 said...

Love picture overload. Looks like fun and good for you getting that picture with your mom. Now you need a three generation picture:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. She has such a pretty dress. I found ever since Jacob was 3 he gets more and more excited about things