Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Eve Night Presents

We hadn't planned on opening presents at our house on Christmas Eve, but we decided why not open a few! We also started a new tradition that we will do every year... we put our mattress in the living room and had a slumber party. It was fun and we all enjoyed it very much. :) Again, enjoy the picture overload... for the next few days.. haha...

A little potty and changing things for her doll. She is all about Holly sitting on the potty and clapping for her... too cute!

She pressed the play button on the little cd player and immediately started dancing.. too funny!

Horrible picture of me, but her face is too funny. She's still dancing!

I love him!

Giving Mommy a kiss!

Mommy Baby Kisses

CHEESE! haha..

Feeding her baby.. too cute!

Ooooo... lol.. new clothes for Holly.. lol.

Daddy Kisses

She thinks everything is hers... lol.. posing with Daddy's new clothes.


Daddy's new running shorts.. lol..

Now, it's time to eat some breakfast and get ready to go to MeMa and PaPa's house for Christmas dinner (which is actually lunch.. lol).

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