Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First 2nd Birthday Party.. Part 1!

We took tons of pictures... tons... I mean, tons! So I will do this in 2 parts and I'm actually only showing you the absolute musts... hahahaha... there's still too many! But how can you narrow it down to 20 pics from 500+?! hehe.. enjoy...

The morning of her first birthday party, a couple of days before her birthday..

She saw the decorations we stayed up all night putting up! lol..

Maddison at the birthday party..

My sisters and my nephew Sean.. and my brother-in-law in the background (husband of the sister in the red).

My dad!

Leala, Aunt Sarah and Sean.

Leala and Uncle Shelby!

Running around the couch!

Sean running..

Silly girl..


She opened them all up on her own this time... *tear*

She kept taking them to Uncle Shelby.. lol.

She loves her Junior Tag Books!

She was sooo excited to get a tricycle!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Yes girl...we have been running here and there. With kids home it makes it hard to get on here. LOL But you know I will be by to check out your posts.
Leala is adorable. The decorations are fabulous! I think we have that princess cash register?