Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random pics from the end of February!

My sister called and asked one day if I could watch Sean while she was at work... I said yes, of course even though I had never watched him.. we live so close together, but honestly we don't really see each other much unless my mom has a family get-together.. or we run into each other at my mom's house.. lol.. Anyway, I took a few pics of the kids playing in Leala's closet... why were they in the closet, who knows.. lol. They had a huge room to play in, but they just kept playing in the closet instead.. haha.

hehehehehe.. this was too funny.. I was taking a shower and Leala wanted to get in with me.. so I let her and then had fun with her hair.. haha.. I called Kevin in there to get the camera. too funny!

So silly!

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