Saturday, April 3, 2010

We had Company!

So my best friend, Jennifer, from South Carolina came to visit us with her daughter, Maddison for almost 2 weeks in January/February! It was so exciting and we had tons of fun!

First off, I'll give you some history on us.. When Kevin came back from Japan (after being stationed there for 3 years), he was then stationed at Beaufort, SC. He got 30 day transition time, so he came back to Texas for a bit, and then we moved to SC - just Kevin and I. We knew that he would be getting out of the Navy a little over a year later, so it wouldn't be too hard being away from family and all.. But we also knew we wanted to have a baby...

The con side of this was that we had NO family and NO friends in SC, so we were going to do this on our own... And actually, we knew that he would be gone for about 6 months on deployment, so we knew that if I got pregnant, I'd be doing it on my own for most of the pregnancy... But we wanted a baby and on the upside, it was a way to get my family to see the east coast... lol.

Anyway, so we get pregnant after our second month together (since he had been back from Japan) and he was able to find out and stuff before he left.. Anyway, this left me alone and pregnant for the first time all by myself in a place where I knew no one.. I started to get on myspace and stuff and found a girl that lived on base housing not too far away from me and she had a son... We decided to meet up (as her husband was deployed too), and I went to her house.. Her name is Sandi...

Um, to cut to the chase, after a long deployment, I realized that she wasn't that great of a person and not someone I want to surround myself with, but the girl that was at her house that first day when I went over there, was! Her name was Jennifer and we became great friends and have still remained that way, even though I am no longer a Navy wife and moved back to Texas. :) She was there with me through all of the pregnancy and helped me with everything.. We joked around and said she was my step-in husband... and mom... and sister... and everything. :) Her daughter is precious and we had tons of fun together!

Anyway, now that you know some of our history, you can see that it was a big deal when she had confirmed that she was coming to see us for Leala's birthday! Since I left SC, she had moved back to Alabama while her husband was on yet another deployment.. so this made her closer, but still a 12-13 hour drive! We hadn't seen each other since we left SC in July 2008... so that's 18 months!

It was great having them here. We had lots of fun and took tons of pictures.. so enjoy those pictures over the next few days!

These were taken from the first night they got here.

Leala got to open her Christmas present from Jennifer (lots of hand-made bows!)

Maddie showing Leala the bows. :)

And a coloring center.. very cute! She plays with it all the time!

Leala and Jennifer!

Coloring together!

Such girly girls!

Doing her baby's hair..

Maddison playing with Kevin.

The girls laying down together, since they insisted on sleeping together.. so cute!

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