Friday, April 9, 2010

Park Fun & Rainforest Cafe

The temp finally rose up and we were able to make it out to the park one day while Jennifer and Maddison were visiting (and yes, next time Jennifer and Maddie will skip Leala's birthday and come out here in April or so, so the weather is better). Anyway, we went to the park for a bit and then the next day we went shopping again at the mall and then to Rainforest Cafe.. more on that later.. hehe..

They had lots of fun.. first time Leala was on a tire swing. She liked it!

Yeah I felt sick for rest of the day and part of the next.. ugh..

Her hair.. haha!

Waiting for our number to be called..

Eating pretzels to hold them over..

They really liked it there a lot..

Until the gorilla that you see behind us starting moving.. they have animals on a timer and they occasionally start moving and making noises.. Leala was terrified.. like terrified! They had to move our whole table (food and all) closer to the aquariums.. She was still scared (it was quite scary honestly), so I ate fast and me and Leala went out into the store part... She still talks about "Daddy Monkey" and has even had a bad dream about it... I feel awful..

They all had a lot of fun!

The girls loved their cups!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh the cups are very cool. I can't do the tire swings anymore. I get way sick. We love the Rainforest cafe. Stunt Man was just asking to go there today. too funny. Sorry about the daddy monkey....poor baby.