Sunday, December 28, 2008

Change of plans..

So, I had planned blogging about Christmas with Kevin's family today (mainly posting pictures), but things have been hectic and I still don't have them on my laptop... so, I figured I might tell you why things have been hectic..

My little baby is teething... big time... And obviously, there's the after-Christmas clean-up too.. which isn't done quickly with a teething and needy baby..

Did mention we went from 2 teeth to 5 teeth in 2 weeks? Yeah, you can guess what these last 2 weeks have been like.. haha.

I did manage to get Leala's birthday party dress today. Well, at least I think it's the dress she'll wear for her birthday. We'll see though. I got a few more things bought for her birthday too.

Well, I need to put my baby to bed. She just fell asleep (for the second time), so we'll see how long she lasts in her crib this time.. Oh the joys of babies and new teeth..


Daphine said...

Not to worry! We understand. Oh...I feel bad for Leala though. Poor baby! Going from 3 teeth to 5 is rough! Whew!

I will be looking forward to your Christmas pictures when you get time to upload them.

Take care!

Lori said...

hope you got a good night sleep and her mouth gets a respite for a bit

He And Me + 3 said...

I hear ya on the teeth. I am planning Actress' party now too. Birthdays right after Christmas will get ya. I am ready to rest, but noooooooooo...i have a party to plan. I am tired. LOl

Beverly said...

bless her heart. hope she feels better soon.

McCrakensx4 said...

Hoping things get better for your sweet little one!

leaner said...

Bleh teething babies are no fun at all.

He And Me + 3 said...

Actress's bday is on the 15th of January and Model's is just before Christmas on November 12. Our holidays are very busy to say the least.