Monday, December 8, 2008


Oh man.. today Leala and I spent the day with my mom. She needed to finish up buying my husband's Christmas presents and needed my help, so we went shopping! So much fun! Even if I'm not actually shopping and buying things, I love going shopping with people. I just love it. I don't know why.. oh well.. lol..

Anyway, my mom went crazy.. as every grandmother does, I'm sure. She ended up buying Leala 2 outfits and a pair of dress shoes to wear for Christmas. Then at the grocery store, she bought juice and lots of organic baby food.. lol.. It is not at all that we need help with these things. It's just that she's a grandmother and wants to help, I guess.. lol..

Anyway, she bought all that, when we were just looking for shirts for my husband.. haha. She was already done buying for Leala's Christmas presents, so she sent me home with the stuff she bought today.. haha. She's crazy.

Oh and don't even get me started on Christmas.. She has bought Leala more stuff than we have bought her! I know some of the stuff she's bought, but not all. At least 2 outfits, 2 sets of pajamas, a pair of snow boots, a doll, an educational toy, something else I can't remember.. and she paid for half of the "big" thing we got her.. lol.. That's only the stuff I know about.. haha. Leala is beyond spoiled and doesn't even know it yet.

I am so looking forward to Leala opening her presents on Christmas. I know it's not about the materialistic things, but I think she will be excited, and she is in great need of new toys. She has outgrown a lot of what she has, so I'm excited for her to finally get to open all the stuff we got her.

Anyway, here's a picture of what Leala did the other day, while I folded laundry on the bed.. She folded up her rug... lol..


Lori said...

my mom is the same way... she can't seem to come over without something for one or both of the boys

Jamie said...

That is so cute her folding the rug. She was helping mommy. That is what grandma's do spoil. It is so great for Miss Leala to have that. I need to go christmas shopping so so bad. I wish we were closer cause I would see if you two wonderful ladies would go with me. Maybe Miss Leala could help me pick stuff out. Ugh. I have never waited this late. But I just can not get modivated to do it!! Oh well I will get it done!!


Stephanie said...

Her rug is hilarious!!!!

Don't you love grandmothers. The craziness has tapered off alittle here since there is more than one but lord the kids get tons of toys!

I can't wait to see Caleb this year either...this is the first year that I think he will have a good time with it..last year he was tired after one toy. Also the last year I think Lucas will actually believe :)

Let me tell you about the food....Allie isn't taking well to it at all. She can't stand it!!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

That's what Grandmas are for:) Folding the rug is so cute. Glad you got a picture. She did a great job!

McCrakensx4 said...

Grandmas are the B.E.S.T.!