Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Highlights

* We took Leala to the doctor today.

* She is fine. Her chest is clear. Her ears are clear.

* We had to up her medications (because she weighs more now).

* She can now take motrin.

* She weighs 21 pounds 2 ounces now and is 10.5 months old.

* She took a very long nap today (with me!) and is feeling somewhat better.

* Since we have upped her medications, she hasn't coughed as much and her drainage seems to be going away too.

* I was able to talk to her doctor (who was my doctor since I was 6 weeks old!) about all the other things that I have been wondering about.

* No meats or milk for her til 12 months.

* Skip bottles and continue trying with sippy cup.

* After she is 12 months old, we'll start trying to wean.

* She is fine with the solids that she is eating. No reason to push it too much.

* I am glad I was able to talk to her doctor about this stuff. I have been casually talking to other people about how I want to handle things with Leala, and most people have pushed the bottle in my face over and over.. But, none of these people (no one I know, actually) has breastfed for this long, so bottles are all they know. Anyway, I'm glad I brought things up to the doctor and got things figured out.

* I got over my whole fear of being talked about or given weird looks.. No one has yet, but I thought they would talk about me for not having Leala weaned at 12 months, like I had mentioned I might.. Now I know, that I should be waiting, and have been wanting to wait to wean her, but was scared that people would look down on me. (Like I said, no one I know has breastfed.. They don't look down on it, but I'm looked at as a hippie type girl now, b/c of it, and I didn't want them to think I'd be breastfeeding her til she's 5...) Anyway, I'm over it, and I don't care. I will do as I wish and if someone doesn't like it, they can deal with it, or get out of my life.. lol.. seriously though.

* Leala has her third tooth! I think that has been her problem this whole time.. The reason why she's been waking up so much and acting so needy.. I barely saw it very far under the gums 2 or 3 days ago, and today it has already popped out! She is getting to be a very big girl! She has 3 teeth on bottom now and none on top!

* It's been a long day, but the hubby was able to relax with me and watch a movie tonight, so that was fun. Off to bed for me now!

* I haven't forgotten about the questions and answers. I will be doing that soon!


McCrakensx4 said...

Glad all is well! and you are the mom and always know best!

Daphine said...

Great! I am glad to hear that Leala is feeling better today. I am sure you were extremely happy with the long nap.....I would be!

I hope that you and hubby enjoyed your time together watching a movie.

Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

glad things are going well and you have a supportive dr at work with

Ms Crazy Princess said...

I just want to let you know.. my cousin, she's a nurse, has 4 kids and she breastfed them all until they were 16 months - 2 years old. She said as long as they weren't biting, it's best for them anyways. So there's some encouragement for you!!

Haha, it's funny to hear about children being 21 pounds and not even 1 year old. My son was always little.. even now, at almost 4, he only weighs 32 pounds. He weighed about 21 when he was 2 years old.. lol. He's only in the 3rd percentile for his age, but he is completely healthy and just fine they said.

Beverly said...

glad your doc validated your concerns. my sis had to breastfeed my nephew much longer than the 12 months due to a food allergy that almost killed him when she tried to ween him.