Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleep, Shopping, Skype

So.. there's still not much progress with the sleeping issue.. at all. I'm hoping tonight will be better (like I hope every night). Maybe this time, she'll be nice to me, and sleep until well into tomorrow morning. I doubt that, but one can wish, right? Honestly, I've gotten into such a routine of getting up, getting her, laying down a burp cloth on the bed, and breastfeeding her while laying down.. rolling over and going back to sleep. Most of the time, I barely even remember getting up and getting her.. haha.


My mom and I went shopping today. Oh man.. What an ordeal. First off, my mom was wonderful. She was supportive, patient, and understanding. I know for a fact, that if it was Kevin with me, we would have walked out of there 30 minutes after walking in. (He's a great husband, but when it comes to shopping, like most men, he just doesn't have an interest in it).

Anyway, this was my first time trying to find some actual clothes after having Leala. My mom wanted to get some stuff for Christmas, but wanted me to just find the stuff myself with her there, and her buy it, and tah-dah there's my Christmas! So yeah, that began the 5 hour shopping trip of finding 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts (after trying on 5 billion of everything).

Let's just say that, even though I am below my pre-pregnancy weight (and have been since Leala was 2 months old), nothing, and I mean nothing, is in the same place anymore. My boobs are still huge compared to what they were before (a great perk of breastfeeding!). My stomach is still deflated, with tons of extra skin.. (the downsize of having two sacs to begin with, and then having a 9 lb 8 oz baby). My hips are wider and thighs are thicker. Not a pretty picture, in my book.

I know, I know.. It's nature and a breautiful thing. Anyone who has ever said that, has (1) never had kids or (2) is perfectly fine with elastic pants and baggy shirts. Obviously, I'm neither of those.

I understand that it takes time. It took 10 months to get that way (I posted a picture of my belly before.. I was huge!), so I know that it will take longer to not be that way. Everything takes longer going back to the way it was.

Anyway, long story short. I wasn't very happy with anything I tried on, but I kept trying and it finally paid off. We ended up leaving with what we came after, and I'm quite excited about getting my new clothes on Christmas!


One more tidbit before I fall into bed. My husband and I continue to send each other messages through skype, while we're on the computers.. Not that big of a deal, right? haha, well, we're in the same room! We're such dorks. We have even started to comment on each other's blogs. I guess that digital connection we learned to live on, while he was in the military, is just something we can't shake. :) I don't mind. I think it's cute.. even if we're geeks. (This reminds me, he posted several cute pictures of Leala the other day on his blog).

I guess that's about it. I'm really tired. I shopped until I dropped, but I haven't had the time to drop yet. (Leala did while we were shopping.. then she decided she wanted to "drop" in my arms, and refused to do so in the stroller..) Have a good night everyone!


Lori said...

I hope your night went well. I've been up since 3:30 with Colby so I know how you feel

oh and I refuse to shop for clothes since nothing on my body looks the same 2 kids in 2 years with 2 c-sections.... yeah I have a pooch still 6 months later

He And Me + 3 said...

Oh, I hear ya on the after pregnancy body. Ugh. Try it three times and then get back to me. LOL Nothing pretty about this body. I still have about 10 pounds to go and my baby is 3. LOL I think those extra pounds have just found a new home.
Glad you found some new clothes though.
I think the electronic communication is still cute. It is hard when we don't see them all keeping in touch anyway you can is awesome!