Monday, December 15, 2008

Short Update

This will be short, as Leala just woke up from being put to bed.. She is still sick, but seems better. Her cough is a lot better, so that's real good.. We will monitor her, of course, to see if we need to go to the doctor.

Anyway, today was a weather shock. Yesterday it was very warm (in the low 70's) and today.. Well, today is a different story. The high was in the 40s, but at 7 or so this evening, I checked the weather, and the wind chill was 17! Yup it's 27 degrees outside with a windchill of 17. Tomorrow the high is 38! I love winter.. I'm just glad we don't have anything to do tomorrow!

I have 2 pictures we took of Leala today. They are both silly ones. :)

This is Leala being "Spidergirl". haha..

Excuse myself (even though you can't see anything), but I thought this was hilarious. Leala will be a gymnast.. haha.. (Excuse the no make-up.. I was ready for bed)! Oh, and she was asleep in this picture too.. haha, silly baby.

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Lori said...

hope she is feeling better soon... try to stay warm!

Ms Crazy Princess said...

LOL @ her foot! That's a cute picture.

A question? Hmm.. What is your most embarrassing moment.. as a parent?

Shauna said...

Oh no, I hope the little gymnast gets well soon! Sending get better vibes and warm fuzzies your way :)
That picture is funny!

Now for a ?...ummm, if you could have any kind of career (excluding mommyhood) say you have no children...what would you do?

Daphine said...

I'm glad Leala is feeling better! It's no fun when our kiddos are sick. Yep, today was a total weather shock to me too! Unfortunately, I had to get out in it in order to go to work. Thank God I made it safely. However, I am NOT looking forward to the drive home.

Happy Tuesday to ya and stay warm!

He And Me + 3 said...

Those pictures were funny. Love the foot.

Caidens_mommy said...

I'm cracking up over these pictures!