Saturday, January 17, 2009

Better, but not..

My mood is better, but I am even more sick.. so yeah.. my blog will still be put on hold. I am sorry that I have been awful at blogging lately. I am sure you all understand. I wish I would just get better soon. Everything is kinda being put on hold, and it can't be much longer.. grrr.. Leala is turning one soon.. I need to make sure I have everything planned..

We were supposed to go visit Kevin's brother today.. but I am too sick.. tomorrow probably won't work either.. so we will have to see how next weekend works.. Who knows.. I feel bad, but I can't control it, you know?

Anyway, this will be it, until tomorrow.. Hopefully I feel better and I can post some pictures of some sort. We shall see.


Daphine said...

I finally got caught up reading up on all your posts that I've missed. I'm sorry again that you're having a hard time. I'm right there with you....well, with my own set of issues going on that is! If we were neighbors, we could just get together and watch a funny movie and eat lots of popcorn, huh?

And you're not awful at blogging! I too had to realize that I can not blog as much as I used to.

I pray that you will be feeling even better tomorrow.

I'll still be praying for ya.
Hugs your way tonight!

He And Me + 3 said...


It is rough for you this winter. I am so sorry. You do not need to apologize. Hope you are back to normal soon and that those meds kick in like yesterday. Feel better!

Jennifer said...


Do you like my new layout? I think it will work temporarily. . I didn't make it. . but I am going to make my own similar to it eventually.. in my spare time. . lol

McCrakensx4 said...

hoping you feel better soon.

Shoebee said...

Praying that the bug will leave your house soon.

Big cup of hot tea/honey/burbon always does it for me.