Thursday, January 29, 2009

Went to the doctor.. again..

I have bronchitis.. I finally got a steroid pack, another antibiotic, a different allergy medicine.. more nose spray, and was told to get more Mucinex DM.. ugh... That was expensive, but oh well.. Hopefully this will get me on track and I can get better soon.

As for Leala, she has a runny nose and is sneezing quite a bit.. She is still on her antibiotic from last time and some runny nose medicine.. I'm hoping she gets some of my meds (which are safe) from my milk and it will help her out too.. Who knows..

Anyway, that's about it.. I feel better this last hour than I have all day... but about 3 hours ago, I felt worse than I did this morning.. *sigh* Is this ever going to end?

One question for everyone, any tips or suggestions on weaning? I don't know anyone in person (who speaks enough English) that has breastfed for this long (everyone else is a couple of weeks or so).. So let me know.. Please, no bashing.. I have done what I think is best for my daughter. If you don't agree that I should have breastfed for this long, or that it's wrong that I start weaning my daughter now she's a year old (in a few days), please keep it to yourself. I don't need to here it. If you have genuine help, thank you! And as we all know, each child is different.


He And Me + 3 said...

No tips for you...With both I quit cold turkey. Model was 18 months and was only nursing at night. So it was a smooth transition & she was ok with nursing one night and then nothing the next...I rocker her instead.
StuntMan was almost 14 months and neither of us was ready to quit, but we had to because of my cancer. It was hard. But again cold turkey.
I would suggest start slow by eliminating one feeding until you are down to just the night feeding...then tapper off. Best of luck, but I say nurse until both of you are ready to quit. She is still a baby...take it slow if you want to.
Sorry for the long comment...I think it was as long as your post. LOL

Shauna said...

I'm glad you got some meds and a diagnosis to hopefully start getting on the mend now ::hugs::

As for weaning, with each day take out a nursing session and replace it with a bottle/or sippy cup of milk (whatever kind you will be giving her) So the first day, replace one nursing session. The 2nd day another, and so on. It's a gradual process, remember to be consistent. It also depends on how attached she is, whether it might take longer. You could take out two nursing sessions a day, if she would be ok with using a sippy both of those times. Whichever is best for her :)
Mine have always weaned themselves right around a year, Jacob is weaning now. They have done it just like we would wean them, gradually nursing less and less. He only nurses once in the AM when he wakes up and *maybe* once before bed. He *could* take a bottle both of these times, (he does when I work the weekends) but it's ME who's holding on :0)
She might suprise you and have no problems with the weaning process!
As for you, if your too uncomfortable my doula told me to pump just enough to relieve it. And soon enough your body will adjust.
Good luck with it :)

Shoebee said...

Since she is probably drinking plenty from other sources, just slowly stop offering her the breast as much. Instead of lest say 5 x day drop to 4 x day for a few days then 3 x day etc. I stopped at 6 months with my oldest, but that was different. I was only able to pump, so I slowly switched out the milk. I actually salute you for sticking with it for so long.

Caidens_mommy said...

You know I had no luck with breastfeeding but maybe if you give her sippy cups more often and then on her birthday start with regular milk in them you can just cut her down little by little till she is totally using sippy cups. Maybe?? Sounds good to me but doing it might be a differant story. I think it's awesome you've breastfed for so long, I don't know why anyone would have anything bad to say. It's not like she is turning 5, she's just gonna be 1 :) Luv Ya!

Stephanie said...

Oh hon I feel your pain..I've gotten whatever it is around too. Felt like crud for the last three days! I hope you're feeling better!!!!! Maybe tomorrow will be the start to a new you :)

As for weaning I am the last person to give you advice. I could never get my milk to come in so we bottlefed. Hope you can figure it out though.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I had bronchitis before, and I didn't know it until I went to the doctor. I had a cough for sooo long! I'm glad you got the meds you needed though!!

As far as weaning, I won't be able to help you..sorry!! My kids were all bottle fed! I'm sure someone will be able to help you though. HUGS!!

McCrakensx4 said...

I am so sorry that you were so sick, that is awful. Now that you have your meds, I hope you feel better very soon! I wish I had an answer to your weaning problem. I wan't able to breatfeed my boys, but don't feel bad...she is still a baby. I have had friends breast feed a lot longer than a year! It's good for her and you! I hope it goes easy for you though!

leaner said...

Why do you feel its best to wean now? (NOT bashing, just curious!)

Gwennie sort of weaned herself around 3. I had slowly started taking away feedings, not allowing her to nurse to sleep any more. It took a month, but it worked for us. I wasn't ready to quite cold turkey, because I was afraid I would get mastitis (again). Which is why we went slowly. Just distract her when she would normally nurse. Redirect her attention to something else. (A toy a sippy cup.) And if you have other questions... feel free to ask me! I am surrounded by women who nursed their children on average 2-4 years, each. So lots of information on weaning.