Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's good to feel alive again...

So, since we were finally feeling normal again (still somewhat sick, but not really), we ventured out today. Actually, today was the first time we have gotten out of our pajamas since New Year's Day. haha.. I did laundry yesterday and everything was pajamas.. Good times..

Anyway, I will get to my story, as this needs to be rather short, since we haven't relaxed all day. We ran several errands that were building up.

* First, we went to the bank to cash a check.

* Then we got gas.

* Then we went to Ross to see if we could find these certain socks for Leala. I've looked everywhere and can't find them.. so I thought I'd give it a shot.. Plus I wanted to look at their clothes for Leala and toys, just in case. (Her birthday is less than a month away, so I wanted to finish up the shopping). Oh, no luck on the socks here... but we did find some others that I hope will work. It was only a 3 pack though.

* We treated ourselves to lunch at Chili's after that. Ross and Marshall's are right next to eachother, and Chili's is the only close place around there.. We were hungry already, since we didn't get to leave as early as I wanted.. Oh well, we had a fun time. Leala was wonderful too.

* After that, we went to Marshall's to return a dress I had bought Leala when I didn't know what size she would need. It was her birthday dress, and I didn't know which one to get - the 18 month one or the 12 month one.. Hubby is always good at that, but he wasn't with me when I bought them. We looked around for some things and got Leala a back-up outfit for her birthday and got her one more outfit for a gift for her birthday.

* Then we went to Toys R Us to get the toy toys I needed to finish up Leala's birthday stuff. I couldn't find them at all. I know they didn't have the book.. It was out of stock.. I don't know about the purse thing.. Oh well.. because..

* After that, we went to Babies R Us to get a few things, and they had both toys there! I was so happy. :) And we got her the little white and pink bloomers I've been wanting to get her.

*Then we made our last stop at Kohl's to see if they had the socks.. nope.. (they're called humpty dumpty socks.. or Carter bubble socks). So we got this other kind (since I've been searching for weeks, even though I saw tons of this size when I bought her last size). Hopefully they will work out.

*Then we finally came home.. 5 hours after we left.. Oh and don't forget there were a few stops to feed Leala in the car, before or after shopping.. and once at Chili's. She was such a trooper though. She did so great today.

Tomorrow I will have to write about some of the funny things she is doing now and did today.. too funny and cute! Oh and Kevin did great too! He was with me the whole entire time, and kept a smile on his face too!! I don't really think the smile was genuine 70% of the time, but oh well. haha. :)


He And Me + 3 said...

wow! yOu got alot done today...I am impressed. So glad Leala was good for you. She is a sweetie. What a trooper Kevin is. Rick would have given up after 30 minutes. LOL

Kelly said...

Geez, girl... come out of a "cave" and go crazy with shopping!! Glad you are feeling better!! BTW, you hit just about every one of my favorite stores!!

Lori said...

wow I'm tired just reading that... I bet you slept well last night

Daphine said...

Glad you're feeling better! And WOW! What a B-U-S-Y day you had. Oh my goodness! Glad that Leala was a trooper for ya. It sure makes is easier, huh?

Happy Wednesday!

Alicia said...

What a great way to make up for lost time!! It's like having new found freedom after being sick!!! I'm glad you had a great family outing! Those are always fun, and a bonus when the baby is a trooper too!! Glad you're all feeling better!

Beverly said...

glad you feel well enough to get out.

McCrakensx4 said...

Sounds like a productive day! Glad everyone is feeling better!