Friday, January 30, 2009

Long, busy day...

So, today I feel a lot better than yesterday. I am still very sick, but a lot better.. There has been so much to do lately, so today Kevin and I divided and conquered. We got a lot done and then came together and did more.. lol..

This evening was the first time that Leala was not with Kevin or I (meaning, not in the same house).. yeah, it was strange. Kevin's sister, Hang, watched Leala for 40 minutes while we made our second trip to the storage place. I don't even think she realized we were gone! She was playing with Serenity and Hang. It's just one more sign showing me that she is growing up.. :)

Anyway, I'll approve all comments to yesterday's post, but I'll blog about it all in tomorrow's post.. I'll answer all questions at that time. :)

For now, I'm putting the monster done for the night and going to bed..


He And Me + 3 said...

Get some rest...get well.

Ms Crazy Princess said...