Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leala is a cutie!

Leala has been doing a lot of cute things lately since I have been MIA for a while.

*Leala growls back when you growl at her.

*While we were at Chili's yesterday, a waiter walked by and Leala casually looked at him and gave him the most awful face she's ever made. He even jumped back and said "did you see that look she gave me?" It was hilarious. Our sweet little girl can be so vicious.

*Now she waves and says "hiiiii" to everyone over and over in a very high pitched voice.
Kevin then taught her to say "bowl" this morning. Every time he said it, she repeated it like a pro.

*The other day Kevin held Serenity (his niece) since she wasn't feeling well and Leala objected with "ah-ha, ah-ha" as if coughing to get his attention. It was too funny. The whole family was laughing about it.

*That reminds me, she also mimics people who are coughing by coughing back. The only person she hasn't done that to is Kevin. He thinks he's special.

*ANY time music comes on (or even if it's sudden sounds) she begins to dance. She'd wave her hands in the air and moves her little body around. The other day she was at the table, she placed her hands on the table and moved her body side to side. It was so cute.

*She likes to comb Kevin's hair (almost everyday for the past 3 days now) and kisses him. She's trying to be a mommy.

*We have a giggling baby doll and Leala hugs it like her own baby. It's so sweet. She gets the biggest smile on her face and tilts her head to the side when she hugs her. It lasts about 5 seconds and then she throws the doll, lol.

*She's getting really good at kissing. We almost just have to pucker up in front of her. And oh, she kissed her grandpa and said "ahhh" as if she finished drinking water.

*As a baby, she liked to hit Kevin in the face. It was fun and cute before but Kevin didn't want her getting use to it now that she's older, so he told her "no" when she was about to. She stopped with her hand up and lowered it, but lifted it up again. Kevin told her "no" again and so she put it down, leaned up and kissed him on the lips. He then pretended he was mad at her and she kissed his chin. Too cute.

*She sticks her hand down my shirt sometimes but she accidentally did it to Kevin and he looked at her with "that face" and she looked at him like "oh.. wrong person" and then kissed him. So funny.


He And Me + 3 said...

Just precious. I love all the new and cute things she is doing. I always loved it when my kids would wave at strangers & say usually makes their day. Thank you for sharing all the fun stuff she is doing. Now some pictures please:)

Alicia said...

Oh...those are alll so cute! It's funny how we play into these little games w/ our kids because we just gotta have more of their cuteness!!!

Kelly said...

"monkey" likes to scowl! Kinda cute, but it won't be cute when she is 7! Have a good day!

Lori said...

too cute... it's always fun to watch the growth and progress and get some incite into their minds

Caidens_mommy said...

She's just precious!

Kati Sue* said...

That is soo percious! They grow up sooo fast its unbelieveable!

Jamie said...

Aww.. She is growing up so fast! I love hearing about all her little things! Makes Michael and I want one even worse cause I am always telling him about her or showing him pictures. She is just so adorable.

Beverly said...

sweet update. she is at a fun age.

Shauna said...

I bet she is so cute to watch! I love watching our kids learn and do more cute stuff's just as exciting for us as it is them, lol.
Such fun :)

McCrakensx4 said...

What a great way to keep all those memories! Sounds like she is growing up so fast!