Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Educational Toys - Essential or a Cop-Out?

A lot of people are saying all these educational toys are cop-outs and such... honestly, yes, I think if your child is sitting there all day in front of educational toys without any parental interaction, then that would be a cop out... but for all parents that I know, there is some point in the day when they need to get something done. So your kids can't be outside playing (depending on ages) by themselves.. so most likely they will be playing with a toy, right? Why not let it be something educational?

Laundry, dinner, and cleaning doesn't get done by itself.. so while I am folding clothes, I love sitting my baby down with a toy, or put her in her activity station. I think it is good for her, and it's the only way I'll ever get things done. I would much rather her be playing with a toy that talks about colors or shapes or sings the alphabet, than just some toy that lights up.. That's just my opinion and how we do things in my household.

What do you let your kids do when you're needing to do the laundry or wash dishes or cook dinner? How old are the kids?


Jennifer said...

Oh well, I just lock my kid in the basement and slip food under the door when I need to get stuff done. . I thought that is how you were supposed to do it? LOL. j/k

I am all with you on this one. For example: "My kid is sooo smart because he/she watches educational TV (ex. Dora, Diego)". I think that is a cop out. Yes, I would rather have her watch that than say Sponge Bob. . but you can't let a toy or TV replace the time you are supposed to spend with your child. You want them to learn and not memorize. Which is all they are doing if they are watching a TV show or constantly playing with a toy. So you have to explain things to them in a real world kind of way.

But sitting them down with an educational toy when you need a break is a great idea. But honestly, most toys are educational in some way. Dolls and Barbies help with imagination. Blocks help with coordination. Coloring books and Pay Doh help with creativity. The list could go on.

In my personal opinion there really are not very many "bad" toys. You should just give your child a variety of options and don't replace real world learning with a toy or television.

How was that?? lol =]

He And Me + 3 said...

I have an 8, 6, & 3 year old. My son does shape and letter puzzles, colors with crayons, plays the wii, computer educational games, & watches dvds mostly sesame street or the Letter factory...great video if you don't have it. HE can recognize all his letters & sounds and has known them for a long time. I think a good mix of toys, but...educational toys are awesome to play with alone and even better with an adult to reenforce the learning. I hear ya...things gotta get done & best time to do it is either naptime or when they are being entertained by their favorite toy, book or dvd.

Ms Crazy Princess said...

I guess I'm a bad mommy. I let my kid sit down and watch Diego, or Dora, or The Wonder Pets, or SpongeBob.. frankly, whatever is on, when I need to get things done. He gets to watch about an hour or so of tv a day.
Other than that, he's at daycare and I'm at work. He does lots of activities at daycare. And we read books together at night. And we play cars. And we talk.
But he does watch tv. And you know what? If that makes me a bad mom to anybody (not meaning you at all) then so be it! Even mommies need a break sometimes. Especially single mommies. :)