Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm so ready for bed!

Today has been a long day. We had been wanting to take some fall-ish pictures of Leala at the park, for a few weeks now. We had even bought a few props and stuff to make it more fall-ish. Well, a cold front is coming in, so we needed to hurry up and just take them today. She even wore her dress for Thanksgiving too. It worked out pretty good and we had a great time. She was a bit tired, so we didn't get to have our over-the-top smiley baby, which was unfortunate, but oh well. I'm sure we'll get more pictures on Thanksgiving.

I just love the first picture.. I don't remember what Kevin had in his hand for her to make such a face, but I'm glad we caught it. She looks so cute.

As for my time at home today, I've been trying to figure out Christmas gifts and all that good stuff. I'm making quite a bit of it in my shop this year, which is great. I love doing it, and I think the gifts mean so much more. I am just very tired, from being on the computer all day, but oh well.. lol. I'm trying to get all of it done, so I can order it this weekend, and not have to worry about it anymore. Wish me luck!

This is totally off subject, but... You know, there is one thing that I am really going to miss about breastfeeding Leala. It's the times (that happen every single day), when I'm feeding her, and look down at her, she looks at me, we both smile.. She smiles so big, but still continues to try to eat (my sweet lil piggy). Then she just buries her head in my chest. It is the most adorable thing ever and I love the fact that I get to see her do it several times a day. It might be weird or whatever, but I'm going to have to get a picture of her doing it.. just to keep my computer.. just so I can remember our moments of just me and her, and our smiles.

I just started thinking about it a lot lately. Soon, she will be weaned (several months from now, but still). Today, she did so well with her solids and sippy cup. She made me so proud. She drank from her cup like a pro! That's independence right there! Oh man, they grow up too fast.. Even though I'm going to encourage her and push her along, I will be holding onto the few "baby moments" I have left.. Truth is, there's a first birthday that's no longer creeping up on us.. It's practically running a 4 minute mile to get here.. and I'm not ready! haha..

I love being a mommy so much. I love my little piggy.


Jennifer said...

aww I love the pics!!! She is so precious.

And yes, they do grow so fast. You turn around and all of the sudden she is 3!! LOL. I still can't believe it. .and I can't believe that she will be 1 soon! Seems like just a few weeks ago we were rushing back to SC to see that new baby!!

leaner said...

She is so cute.
I totally know what you mean about weaning. Gwen weaned a few months ago (she was just under three) but occasionally still comes back for and asks for it. But I really miss this baby-

and this-

and this-

I loved nursing, and miss it so much.

leaner said...

LOL, I have some from my POV of her nursing, but can't find them. But I have tons of her nursing.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Precious pictures :)

He And Me + 3 said...

OMGosh, she is precious. I love that Pony on the top of her head. could she be any cuter? I don't think so. Great pics!