Sunday, November 16, 2008

Huge headache...

After a day that started out with a headache, I'm ending the day with one.. It did subside a bit for the party, but just came back with a vengeance. The party was great. It was so nice having everyone together. It was my parents, my sister, her son (birthday boy), my other sister, her husband, me, Kevin and Leala.. Ienjoyed myself, and we all made a date for 3 months from now (Leala's birthday).. haha.

We had tons of balloon fights and playing. Sean loved everything he got, especially the rock n roll guitar we got him. He carried it everywhere, while it played "Bad to the Bone". Too cute. My dad even showed him how to carry it right. Everyone had a blast. And though my head was (is) killing me, I'm glad I stuck it out and stayed as long as I did.

But for now, I must get off here.. This headache is just getting worse, and I need to regroup a bit before I feed Leala her bedtime feeding in 40 minutes. I promise to write a real post soon.. :)


He And Me + 3 said...

Hope that your headache goes away and that you are refreshed in the morning.

Shoebee said...

I hope your headache went away...there is nothing worse than going to bed with a headache and waking in the morning with one.
Glad you had a good party.