Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Work-Out Routine

So, I've mentioned a few times that Kevin and I have figured out a schedule and way for me to be able to work-out without much (notice how I add in the word 'much'?) interruption. Some people have asked what I am doing in my work-out. It's really nothing special or out of the ordinary. It's just basic stuff that will get me on the right track of where I want to go. You also have to keep in mind that this is my first work-out routine since I've had Leala (via c-section).

I had leg raises as part of the routine, but quickly found out that it wouldn't be okay yet. I felt lots of pulling and tugging along my scar (like tugging of the inside stuff.. not my skin.. ). It was quite painful. But yeah... here's my work-out routine. It's nothing big, but it's a start.

30 jumping jacks
15 right side crunches
25 crunches
15 left side crunches
15 right side crunches
25 crunches
15 left side crunches
Bicycle for 30 seconds or so
10 "dog kicks" for each leg
10 side "dog kicks" for each leg
arm rotations (10 each direction with my arms in 4 different positions)
12-15 dips
12 "bed push-ups" (you just push off of the edge of the bed, like a push-up)

Then I do it all over again, 2 more times... if I feel extra pumped that day... haha. I've only done it 3 times once since I started. But this is a start, and at least I'm doing something and sticking to it. :)


in time out said...

i think i will link to this, sounds good. keep it up and let me know how it is going for you. happy blogging.

Shauna said...

Sorry! NCB stand for natural child birth! I love to read birth experiences :) And, I'll look into figuring out the backgrounds more, I'm sure it can't be too hard, lol
Have a good night! Nice workout routine, I haven't gotten back into one since having our littlest!

in time out said...

thanks for coming by. i love your blog wallpaper. very nice colors together. something my daughter would LOVE. take care, mummee

Ms Crazy Princess said...

Don't be sorry! I just don't know how that stuff works so I was asking. I think I'm going to steal it, though.
Thanks for posting your workout!! ;)

He And Me + 3 said...

I think it sounds like a good routine and even better if you are able to stick with it and you enjoy it. Need to get my butt in gear over here!