Saturday, November 8, 2008

Interesting "Road Trip with a Baby" Stories

The other day I was organizing all of Leala's pictures, from when she was born until now. I had just a folder that said "Leala" on it, and obviously that didn't make much sense.. lol. So, I started to separate it all by the months. And after this year, I'll put all those in a "2008" folder. Anyway, while sorting everything out, I realized that I didn't have the few pictures we took from our road trip from SC to TX... I was freaking out, trying to figure out where they could be.. I knew I had never even seen them! But of course they were no longer on the camera and they weren't on my external hard drive..

I asked the hubby about it, and he said he didn't know if he had them, but he would search for them.. So after a long moment of me holding my breathe, we found them. They were on his external hard drive, but I still had never seen them. So I'm guessing in the hussle and bussle of moving in, he saved them, and forgot to show me..

Anyway, all this is coming down to the fact that we finally found them and I have a few stories of how interesting things can be when you drive 1089 miles with a 5 month old. There's no specific order, they are just what comes to my mind.

* The endless hours of Kevin singing to Leala to get her back to sleep... We were in a Budget truck with Leala between us. We put her umbrella thing down on her carseat, so she wouldn't see us and want to stay awake.. I would hold her hand, and Kevin would constantly sing until she fell asleep.. Of course, he'd forget the words, and make up all kinds of crazy stuff to fill in the gaps.. He probably sang for at least a quarter of the trip home. :)

* You will roll your eyes at this one... remember I was a very hormonal, first time mommy... lol.. But I made Kevin bring up the crib to each and every hotel we stayed in (we took 2.5 days to get here, but stayed at a hotel the first night here too). None of the hotels had portable cribs, and I didn't want her to sleep with us, so every night when we got to the hotel, Kevin would unload the crib, take it upstairs and set it up... And every morning, he would take it apart, take it downstairs and load it up again... Yeah, he hated me for it.. lol. :)

* The good ol' times of being in a hurry to reach the next town, because Leala needed to be changed, I needed to eat (breastfeeding mommy here) and Kevin needing to pee... and there's hill after hill that our 24" truck (towing our behind it) couldn't make.. The hills would literally slow us down to 30 mph (with everyone else going 80 mph around us). Oh and we named the truck Sally, so at every hill, I would pat the dash and tell her she could make it, and that she couldn't get us killed.. lol..

* I ended up (on more than one occasion) having to breastfeed Leala while on the road.. I didn't want to take her out of her carseat, and rish her or getting a ticket, so I would loosen my seat belt as much as possible, get as close to her as possible, put on my breastfeeding cloth, and feed her while she was still in her carseat, driving 50 mph down the highway... lol... It hurt my ribs soo bad, but a mother does what must be done.. haha. :)

* Oh, and being about 30 minutes away from Dallas and stopping for gas, just to be minutes from driving away, and hearing the dreaded sound and smelling the dreaded smell of baby poop... enough baby poop to get all over the carseat... enough baby poop to just wash her bottom off in the sink of the ladies bathroom, with my husband in there with me, and several people knocking on the door to get in... :)

I'm sure there's more, but that's it for now. I thought I'd share my stories and post a few pictures of my little baby.. I can't believe how much she has grown since then.


Caidens_mommy said...

I can just picture you trying to feed her in that truck! LMAO

tegdirb92 said...

I absolutely love that last picture--so adorable!! I wish that I could get all of my pics in order. Mine are all over the place!!