Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gotta love crib pictures!

I can't remember who it was, but someone inspired me to add a post with funny crib pictures. So, here goes..

This picture isn't that funny, but I love the story. When Leala was little, she slept in her bassinet in our room, by our bed.. Of course, as a first time mommy, I waited til the last second to move her into her crib in the other room. She could barely fit in the bassinet anymore, so one day, I put her in the crib so she could lay there while I went and put some clothes in the dryer. I came back 3-4 minutes later to a sleeping baby. She took a nap in her crib, all by herself, the very first time she was put in it. Almost all of my crib fears were put to rest that day (no pun intended.. haha). *She had just turned 3 months old in this picture.*

One morning, when Leala was 4.5 months old, I woke up to this...

I laughed my head off, and then ran and got the camera. She only did it that once, but I thought it was too funny. I know, it could be dangerous, but not really.. She didn't get hurt, and she was fine. Oh what a silly baby I have! Here's another picture of that funny morning.

At 7.5 months old, Leala would occasionally try to escape, but then would fall asleep during the process.. This was one sad attempt.. lol.. Doesn't it look like her last call for help..

And here she is, at almost 9 months old, eating her crib.. This was after her morning feeding. I had put her in her crib, so I could do something real quick (I think vacuum) and she decided that I didn't feed her enough.. haha, so she ate her crib.. lol.

Oh the silly moments of a baby in her crib. Gotta love them. I'm gonna miss them.


Shoebee said...

I remember one morning I woke to find my girls (I co-bedded them, didn't want to buy 2 cribs for the twins) one o standing one the other, the other was just sound asleep. Still to this day, they roll on top of each other during the night.

I also found them one morning, diapers removed feeding each other (yuck). Needles to say, that was the last time they went to the crib without duck tape on their diaper (yea, duck tape on the diapers, just over the tabs, is enough to keep the kiddos from ripping the diapers off) See they would remove any diapers, even fresh just newly placed diaper.

He And Me + 3 said...

She is so precious. All that dark hair makes me smile. I love the hand out of the crib...so cute.